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The Integral Crypto Drive is one of the most secure USB Flash Drives available today. Sensitive data stored on the Crypto Drive cannot be compromised in the event of the loss or theft of the Flash Drive.

With its rugged design, military level security and intelligent software, the Crypto Drive is the ideal choice for secure data storage.

There are several varieties of the Crypto USB Pen drive available, all of which are listed further down this page:

EditionFIPS StandardOS Compatibility
Crypto FIPS 140 Mac Edition140-2MacOS X ONLY
Crypto FIPS 140140-2Windows XP Pro/Vista/7 ONLY
Crypto FIPS 197 Mac Edition197MacOS X ONLY
Crypto FIPS 197197Windows XP Pro/Vista/7 ONLY
Crypto Dual Drive197MacOS X and Windows XP Pro/Vista/7
Crypto Dual Drive Plus197MacOS X and Windows XP Pro/Vista/7

 CodeDescriptionCapacityKit OfPriceInc VAT 
INFD32GCRYPTOMC140-2 memory - DB INFD32GCRYPTOMC140-2 32GB Crypto FIPS32GB1£138.00£165.60 Buy
INFD16GCRYPTOMC140-2 memory - DB INFD16GCRYPTOMC140-2 16GB Crypto FIPS16GB1£114.00£136.80 Buy
INFD8GCRYPTOMC140-2 memory - DB INFD8GCRYPTOMC140-2 8GB Crypto FIPS8GB1£66.00£79.20 Buy
INFD4GCRYPTOMC140-2 memory - DB INFD4GCRYPTOMC140-2 4GB Crypto FIPS4GB1£56.67£68.00 Buy
INFD2GCRYPTOMC140-2 memory - DB INFD2GCRYPTOMC140-2 2GB Crypto FIPS2GB1£52.14£62.57 Buy
INFD32GCRYPTO140-2 memory - MI INFD32GCRYPTO140-2 32GB Crypto FIPS32GB1£108.19£129.83 Buy
INFD16GCRYPTO140-2 memory - MI INFD16GCRYPTO140-2 16GB Crypto FIPS16GB1£52.29£62.75 Buy
INFD8GCRYPTO140-2 memory - MI INFD8GCRYPTO140-2 8GB Crypto FIPS8GB1£38.57£46.28 Buy
INFD4GCRYPTO140-2 memory - MI INFD4GCRYPTO140-2 4GB Crypto FIPS4GB1£17.17£20.60 Buy
INFD2GCRYPTO140-2 memory - MI INFD2GCRYPTO140-2 2GB Crypto FIPS2GB1£18.43£22.12 Buy
INFD32GCRYPTOMAC197 memory - MI INFD32GCRYPTOMAC197 32GB Crypto FIPS32GB1£120.80£144.96 Buy
INFD16GCRYPTOMAC197 memory - MI INFD16GCRYPTOMAC197 16GB Crypto FIPS16GB1£62.00£74.40 Buy
INFD8GCRYPTOMAC197 memory - MI INFD8GCRYPTOMAC197 8GB Crypto FIPS8GB1£37.33£44.80 Buy
INFD4GCRYPTOMAC197 memory - MI INFD4GCRYPTOMAC197 4GB Crypto FIPS4GB1£25.53£30.64 Buy
INFD2GCRYPTOMAC197 memory - MI INFD2GCRYPTOMAC197 2GB Crypto FIPS2GB1£30.00£36.00 Buy
INFD32GCRYPTO197 memory - MI INFD32GCRYPTO197 32GB Crypto FIPS32GB1£54.60£65.52 Buy
INFD16GCRYPTO197 memory - MI INFD16GCRYPTO197 16GB Crypto FIPS16GB1£25.47£30.56 Buy
INFD8GCRYPTO197 memory - MI INFD8GCRYPTO197 8GB Crypto FIPS8GB1£22.09£26.51 Buy
INFD4GCRYPTO197 memory - MI INFD4GCRYPTO197 4GB Crypto FIPS4GB1£10.74£12.89 Buy
INFD2GCRYPTO197 memory - MI INFD2GCRYPTO197 2GB Crypto FIPS2GB1£10.36£12.43 Buy
N/A memory - DB INFD128GCRYDLPL197 128GB Crypto FIPS128GB1£283.70£340.44 Buy
N/A memory - DB INFD64GCRYDLPL197 64GB Crypto FIPS64GB1£154.07£184.88 Buy
INFD32GCRYPTODL197 memory - DB INFD32GCRYPTODL197 32GB Crypto FIPS32GB1£63.17£75.80 Buy
INFD16GCRYPTODL197 memory - DB INFD16GCRYPTODL197 16GB Crypto FIPS16GB1£34.04£40.85 Buy
INFD8GCRYPTODL197 memory - DB INFD8GCRYPTODL197 8GB Crypto FIPS8GB1£22.09£26.51 Buy
INFD4GCRYPTODL197 memory - DB INFD4GCRYPTODL197 4GB Crypto FIPS4GB1£17.17£20.60 Buy
INFD2GCRYPTODL197 memory - DB INFD2GCRYPTODL197 2GB Crypto FIPS2GB1£16.79£20.15 Buy
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