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Find the right memory for your Dell Inspiron machine.

Dell memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your Dell Inspiron machine in just one more click! Here at Memory Active, we've got nearly fifteen years experience in the complex RAM market. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right memory for your Dell machine.

Please select the model of your Dell Inspiron machine from the list below.

1000 Memory3800 C600 Memory7500 500 PIII Memory
1100 Memory3800 PIII 500-800 Memory7500 600 PIII Memory
1150 Memory400 (Zino) Memory7500 700 PIII Memory
1200 Memory4000 Memory7500 700-750 PIII Memory
13 Memory4100 Memory7500 750 PIII Memory
13 (1318) Memory4150 Memory7500 C433 Memory
1300 (ME051) Memory5000 450-750 PIII Memory7500 C466 Memory
1318 (13) Memory5000 C466 Memory7500 C500 Memory
14 (1420) Memory5000 C500 Memory8000 Memory
1420 Memory5000e 650-850 PIII Memory8000 1000 Memory
1420 (14) Memory5000e C500 Memory8000 C600 Memory
1435 Memory5000e C600 Memory8000 R600 Memory
15 Memory500M Memory8000 R700 Memory
15 (1525) Memory5100 Memory8000 R800 Memory
15 (1564) Memory510M Memory8000 R850 Memory
15 (N5040) Memory5150 Memory8100 Memory
1501 Memory5160 Memory8200 Memory
1520 Memory518 Memory8500 Memory
1521 Memory519 Memory8600 Memory
1525 Memory530 Memory8600C Memory
1525 (15) Memory530S Memory910 Memory
1526 Memory531 Memory9100 Memory
1535 Memory531S Memory9200 Memory
1545 Memory535 Memory9300 Memory
15R (DDR3) Memory535s Memory9400 (MP061) Memory
15R (N5010) Memory537 MemoryA433LT Memory
15Z Memory537s MemoryB120 (ME051) Memory
1720 Memory545 MT MemoryB130 (ME051) Memory
1721 Memory545s Slim Desktop MemoryC433GT Memory
1735 Memory546 MT MemoryDuo Memory
1750 Memory560 MemoryE1405 (MC061) Memory
17R (N7010) Memory560 MT MemoryE1505 (MM061) Memory
17R (N7110) Memory560s MemoryE1705 (MP061) Memory
2100 Memory560s MT MemoryM101z Memory
2200 Memory570 MemoryM301z Memory
2500 Memory580s MemoryMini 10 Memory
2600 Memory6000 MemoryMini 10 (Early 2010) Memory
2650 Memory600M MemoryMini 1018 Memory
2650C Memory620 MemoryMini 10v Memory
300M Memory620 MT MemoryMini 10v (Early 2010) Memory
3500 333C Memory620 MT X8200 MemoryMini 12 Memory
3500 366C Memory620 ST MemoryMini 9 Memory
3500 400 PII Memory630M (MXC051) MemoryMini 910 Memory
3500 400C Memory6400 (MM061) MemoryOne 23 Memory
3500 D233XT Memory640M (MXC061) MemoryOne 2305 Memory
3500 D266GT Memory7000 366C MemoryR450GT Memory
3500 D266XT Memory7000 400 PII MemoryR500GT Memory
3500 D300GT Memory7000 400C MemoryR500VT Memory
3500 K300GT Memory7000 A333GT MemoryR50YT Memory
3500 K333GT Memory7000 A333GT A333LT A366LT A400LT MemoryXPS Memory
3500 K366GT Memory7000 A366LT MemoryXPS Generation 1 Memory
3700 400 PII Memory7000 D266GT MemoryXPS Generation 2 (MXG051) Memory
3700 400 PIII Memory7000 D266XT MemoryXPS M140 Memory
3700 450 PIII Memory7000 D300GT MemoryXPS M170 Memory
3700 500 PIII Memory7000 D300LT MemoryZino 400 Memory
3700 C433 Memory700M MemoryZino 6999 HD Memory
3700 C466 Memory710M MemoryZino HD 410 Memory
3800 C450 Memory7500 400 PII Memory
3800 C500 Memory7500 450-650 PIII Memory

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9707 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your Dell machine can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

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